For those who have already obtained a breakdown of the historical period in question (both genomewide or chromosomal) there are OBVIOUSLY advantageous conditions to obtain the update that I am going to expose.
For those who already have ancient 3 ages there are three options:
a. Update the data of 300BC 900AD in accordance with the new datasheets directly on the previously received document without making changes to the layout or functionality (cost 3 Euro)
b. Create a new report also updated in layout and functionality, dedicated to the period in question (5 Euro)
c. Add maps. Each map must be explicitly requested also mentioning which breakdown it refers to (main, 5% min, 10% min, admix2 or admix4 or even all). Each map has a cost of 2.5 Euros.
The Chromosomal report has had a major layout update. In addition to the stylistic changes, each chromosome will now be shown individually on each page, in order to improve both aesthetics and readability. Even for those who already have the 300BC 900AD Chromosomal report there are three options:
a. Update the data using the new datasheet directly on the document received previously (6 Euro)
b. Create a new report with updated layout and one chromosome per page (10 Euro)
c. Ability to create maps for any chromosome or main breakdown, obviously upon explicit request. The cost of each map is 2.5 Euros.
For any question or special request feel free to contact  at